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Is Forex Broker MaxiTrade scam or not?


MaxiTrade is an online Forex and CFD broker. It offers an array of asset classes including currency pairs, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. This brokerage firm is manned by Day Dream Investments Ltd. This company is known to be registered at Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

An increasing number of reviews from account users circulating online are claiming that MaxiTrade is a form of scam. Do these claims have a basis? If they do, are all the accusations against MaxiTrade true? On the other hand, if these are baseless accusations, why do some MaxiTrade customer reviews say otherwise? Like they say, “there’s no smoke without fire.”

But before diving into a conclusion, online traders need to know everything about MaxiTrade, its services, trading conditions, and other pertinent terms and agreement that come with every trading decision. In this MaxitTrade review, let us find out if MaxiTrade broker is safe or scam.

Maxitrade Regulation & Safety of Funds

MaxiTrade is registered with the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) with certificate 0395 AA V0128. Technically, MaxiTrade is a regulated and legally operating online broker. However, IFMRRC is a non-governmental organization. Private regulatory bodies are not known to be strict in implementing rules as long as their clients pay the necessary fees and comply with their prescribed set of requirements.

In this regard, MaxiTrade stands as a regulated forex broker but the reputation as an honest broker remains questionable.

In terms of funds safety, MaxiTrade’s payment processing services are offered and managed by Marlay Corp Ltd., an Azerbaijan-based company. This means that traders’ financial accounts and trading money are handled by Marlay as its payment processor. In this case, traders are dealing with two different companies as they trade online with no full assurance of its safety. But just to be fair, there haven’t been any apparent indications of fraud or scam in this particular set-up.

Setting the benchmark for the security of funds of online traders are brokers whose affiliations are with (but not limited to) the following financial institutions: the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

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These known institutions have been recognized to be guaranteeing the security of an investment as these institutions require their brokers to allow external audits, file regular reports, and provide negative balance protection to their customers.

MaxiTrade Deposit and Withdrawal Methods and Fees

Forex trading is a gamble as profits are not guaranteed. More so, many forex brokers employ different terms and agreements that their clients have to comply with before, during, or even after trading. Depositing and withdrawing money from the users’ trading account is also guided by special terms as indicated by the forex broker.

There may be account users who are unable to withdraw their money for some reason, perhaps, by being unable to follow the agreed terms. Aside from this, traders who keep losing their trade bets may be another reason why forex is a scam for them for that matter.

These are some of the possible scenarios why some traders label Maxitrade scam. As for MaxiTrade (, its offered welcome bonuses start from 50% up to as big as 150%. However, these bonuses are not easily awarded to traders. Instead, traders will have these bonuses after meeting a certain minimum trade volume requirements, for instance, which if not met, will result in forfeiting their privilege to withdrawing their funds.

This explains why some users say MaxiTrade is a scam or brand MaxiTrade fraud. It is interesting to note though, that MaxiTrade clearly indicated its intention to hold a client’s withdrawal rights at any given time as it said in its Client Agreement:

“We are reserving the right to institute limits on the amount of funds you may withdraw in any given period of time” and “in our sole discretion, refuse to process a Withdrawal request or place a payment hold on any part or all of your funds in your Account for any reason.”

This statement puts MaxiTrade into a questionable stance. Legitimate brokers would not normally hold clients’ right to withdraw funds as long as they are able to comply with the Client agreement.

On a different light, however, the above statement dispels any MaxiTrade lie that it deceives traders and gets their money when in fact it clearly stated its account policy from the get-go.

Nevertheless, MaxiTrade continues to operate by its mandated rules for its clients. Its minimum deposit is at $250 for the Start Account and $100,000 for the VIP Account. It accepts payments through WebMoney, QIWI, VISA, MasterCard, and Bitcoins.

MaxiTrade Services

The MaxiTrade official site features a large basket of assets to trade capped by a good number of cryptocurrencies with high leverage. It offers the MetaTrader 4 mobile app and the web platform. The MaxiTrade site also boasts its spreads both on the demo and actual trading account. But here comes the problem: the spreads presented on the demo accounts are far from the spreads presented on the actual accounts. This may be one consideration why some traders claim for a MaxiTrade cheat.

Besides this, MaxiTrade provides competent and welcoming trading perks. When investors try to Maxitrade login, they are given the opportunity to use the language they are most comfortable with as the site is translated in 6 languages. It has a minimum deposit of $250.

MaxiTrade’s specialty is cryptocurrency trading. The broker offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Stellar Lumens, Zcash, etc. This offering is complemented with high leverage that goes up to 1:200.

MaxiTrade Comments

Let us know what others say about MaxiTrade by reading some actual forex reviews posted online. Start by reading this feedback by Eric Parker:

This is just one of the many proofs that MaxiTrade is a legitimate forex broker and it operates within the bounds of honesty. The review specifically noted that the user did not encounter delays in withdrawing his funds from his trading account.

On to the next MaxiTrade review, let us hear it from Viktoriya Arkhipova:

This testimony is also a clear depiction not only of MaxiTrade’s legitimacy as an online broker but also its capability to help traders earn through profitable trading. She also made mention of the helpful account managers of the site and their good customer care services.

These are just some of the many testimonials of traders’ success using with MaxiTrade as their forex broker.

Once you have created an account and have taken care of protecting it by creating a secure password, you will need to deposit funds into your account. First of all, it is necessary to decide for yourself what kind of payment method will be most convenient for you. This can be done using:

  • credit card
  • bank account
  • debit card

The difference in the process of replenishing your account is directly related to the fact that the commission for each of the options will be different, therefore, in order not to spend the extra money initially, you need to find out what commission you will pay in each particular case.

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MaxiTrade is an IFMRRC regulated brokerage site and is one of the competitive brokers out in the markets as it offers comfortable trading conditions, a variety of assets to trade, and the popular trading platform in MT4 in both mobile and web-based formats.

Minus some questionable terms found in its Client Agreement data, MaxiTrade is a safe broker to invest in and does not live up to what others claim to be a fraudulent service.


Maxitrade broker is very experienced as for me and 100% deserves trust. After all, scam companies never operate for such a long time. Those who believe that they know how to trade – can immediately begin, and I first took training. I had already had a little experience in trading cryptocurrency in another company – not very successful and not very long. I came to Maxitrade on the recommendation of my friends, and even without that I had already heard a lot about this company. I was very pleased with the lessons and advice of the broker, finally figured out with many nuances that I had not understood before. All the material is explained in great detail, the structure of all the necessary articles on the website is built logically.
It was very useful to me later and more than once. Even if you are already familiar with cryptocurrency trading, I would advise at first to try the demo version to get used to the interface. On a real account, then of course, you still try to be careful, because there is already real money, not virtual. But in order to gain more confidence in my abilities and gain experience – a demo version was necessary for me. Now my results on a real account are not very impressive, but there is a profit, modest but stable – and I am satisfied.

I have been looking for opportunities to invest money since last year. I didn’t want to particularly delve into all the nuances of cryptocurrency trading on my own, since I do not understand this at all, and there is no time because of the main work. In the beginning, I considered different platforms, but I stopped at maxitrade. In principle, the company is not new to the market, and therefore, I fully trusted the broker from maxitrade. At first, I was surprised a little by the high percentages of profit from trading, which began to come to the account, but as I understood, these are absolutely standard indicators.


Very competent brokers! The need to search for reviews on third-party sites is almost gone, saving me time and nerves. The maxitrade managers are friendly, my personal broker often advises on trade strategies, and if I ignored her recommendations for the first time, then lately I started to listen to them. She does not insist on regularly adding money to hold positions, but at the same time she recommends about entering the market and closing. Thnx maxitrade.

Today it’s not so easy to find a decent crypto broker who offers a quality platform and takes low commissions. It seems that even previously considered proper companies have slipped to the level of scammers. I traded сryptocurrency a year ago in several companies. Then I had to give up almost everything – some of them added commissions, and it was not profitable to trade with them anymore, while others began to invent something new with the terms of withdrawal.
Today I trade cryptocurrency with the help of the Maxi trade broker. As always, they not only give accurate forecasts but also help to avoid unnecessary risky operations. In fact, if you correctly guess with the time of trading, then the profitability is, and the time they withdraw money is also good. I really hope that at least here I will continue trade cryptocurrency normally, cause previously I had to look for a trustworthy company I could trust my money for a very long time.
Of course, the competitors wrote a lot of dirty reviews about Maxi trade, as if they were losing 50,000 – 200,000 each in this company and they were not allowed to withdraw funds from the account. Well, I find it funny, to be honest. Firstly, among my acquaintances who have such amounts for investment, they have long invested in stocks or real estate, and secondly, the company would have 100% exclusive arrangements for such amounts and withdrawals would be instant!
It seems to me that cryptocurrency trading is no longer a new instrument of investing, and there are a considerable number of brokers, even popular ones. And it seems scary for some beginners to start, even with excellent trading conditions. For a half year of work, I stayed in profit here, and this happened despite the fact that several times the market subsided and I had to lose some of the money. However, I listened to my broker and decided to take a waiting position. This strategy has fully justified itself, and I am glad that I did not panic like other cryptocurrency holders.
Daily on the Maxi trade platform, traders work and earn, and the success of their work is due solely to the individual approach, the trading system, and market analysis.
For beginners, I can advise the following – cryptocurrency trading is suitable for those who are basically ready to learn something new. There is nothing very complicated, but something will have to be found and read. Well, the process is quite simple. It’s not so hard firstly to look for successful trading strategies and consult with a broker. And I’ll reveal a little secret for real earnings – the minimum deposit will be enough, and in this case, the profit will immediately become very noticeable!


I like to trade in maxitrade, cause they give me the freedom to trade on any strategies. So far, I have not decided on a specific strategy myself, and sometimes I have to listen to the opinions and advice of the broker. The team of brokers is really professional. My colleague at work has been working with them for the second month already, and his broker also helps him earn good money.
The first time there were problems with the withdrawal of money, but as it turned out, it was a problem on the part of my bank. But after two days all money came to my account. I was delighted because according to the so-called reviews, they allegedly had delays in payment. As I understood it, there were lots of comments from competitors who were trying to scare newbies and make them their clients. I am thrilled that with maxitrade, I earned even a decent income, although if I used more risky trading strategies, it could have turned out to be with negative indicators in the account.
Of course, everyone chooses a broker in their own way, but I am glad that I found this company in due time and made a minimum deposit. Now, I consistently earn money without a primary job, and I save the money I got here for my first car.

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Broker Maxitrade: True Review on Forex broker


What is MaxiTrade?

Among the sea of Forex and CFD brokers online, it may be a daunting task to find that a good and legitimate one; this is especially true if you’re a novice trader starting out. It can be a challenge to find a broker with a platform with the best user friendliness, what its range of markets are, its spreads and leverages offered, fees, deposit and withdrawal options, and of course, what signals and extra features are featured on their trading platform.

Apart from the features, it is crucially important to also be guaranteed that you can trust the broker whose services you’re using. You can never be too cautious as the industry is full of entities aiming to scheme and plan to take unsuspecting clients’ funds. This can be one of the main reasons why many traders would call brokers out without question and why many may push the idea why Forex is a scam.

With that out of the way, in this review, we will look into the MaxiTrade broker.

You may have heard about this Forex broker and a certain “MaxiTrade fraud” attached to its name in some Forex review somewhere after a quick search. It may be possible that some of them may not be telling the truth, and others may believe it without a fraction of a doubt. With the lack of evidence, wowever, we will need to look into this matter and see if the MaxiTrade broker is really either a scam or a good broker in this brief but comprehensive review.

Read on and see what we have in contrast to other Maxitrade customer reviews in order to see maintain an overall perspective in the manner and make a better informed opinion about the aforementioned MaxiTrade scam that is being spread across the internet.

This is so that when you do have to choose the right broker, you now have all the resources and knowledge to consider the possible scenarios.

MaxiTrade is an online Forex and CFD broker with a website under Day Dream Investments Ltd. The broker offers trading options for an impressively large number of currencies, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. The company is registered at Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines under the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IMFRRC). Payment processing services are offered by Marlay Corp LTD, which is a company based in Azerbaijan, with a legal address located in Baku. All these details can be found on the MaxiTrade site.

The MaxiTrade Review

The site boasts the same features and bonuses many leading brokers offer. A characteristic to be noted with the MaxiTrade broker is how it has most of the signals, instrument, and tools veteran traders would need. In just a few years the company has established itself as a noteworthy CFDs broker. This may have been the cause of why its competitors would hire writers and make them write negative reviews about the MaxiTrade broker. However, MaxiTrade still maintains its servicibility to its customers no matter what the competition’s slander against it is.

The MaxiTrade official site boasts a plethora of functions that can be navigated with ease and precision. The MaxiTrade site also offers a variety of financial tools that can make any seasoned trader satisfied as well as the ability to trade with financial instruments like currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities.

MaxiTrade employs the use of the widely-popular MetaTrader 4 platform which is recognized for its convenient format and unique built-in technology called the Autochartist trading signal system. The MaxiTrade broker also offers its traders training and educational materials on how to use the platform effectively.

Below are the various types of account s that you can opt for when you sign up for MaxiTrade:

Start Account

  • Deposit range from $250 – $3000
  • Bonus gained up to 50%
  • Basic Introduction to the platform

Silver Account

  • Deposit range from $3001 – $10000
  • Bonus gained up to 100%
  • Basic Introduction to the platform
  • Access to Educational and analysis materials
  • Access to a personal analyst

Gold Account

  • Deposit range from $10001 – $50000
  • Bonus gained up to 120%
  • Accelerated withdrawals
  • Basic Introduction to the platform
  • Access to Educational and analysis materials
  • Access to a personal analyst
  • Weekly review of your trading account

Platinum Account

  • Deposit range from $50001 – $100000
  • Bonus gained up to 120%
  • Highest priority withdrawal
  • Basic Introduction to the platform
  • Access to Educational and analysis materials
  • Access to a personal analyst
  • Weekly review of your trading account
  • Quarterly trading plan program

VIP Account

  • Deposit above $100000
  • Bonus gained up to 125%
  • Highest priority withdrawal
  • Basic Introduction to the platform
  • Access to Educational and analysis materials
  • Access to a personal analyst
  • Weekly review of your trading account
  • Quarterly and Annual trading plan program
  • Real-time trading demonstration
  • Priority access to the analyst trading sessions
  • VIP hedging tools

As you can see, the minimum, which is $250, you can acquire a Start Account and are ready to start trading after a MaxiTrade login – this counts for the welcome bonuses as well. To some it may not be cheap and may be very expensive for inexperienced traders. However, with the leverage of 1:200, most can notice that there is a great chance of profiting. Signing up for the MaxiTrade broker allows you access to a large amount of analytical materials such as daily/weekly forecasts, and accurately-made economic calendar, news, and charts.

Is MaxiTrade a Scam?

Before we can come into a conclusion this “MaxiTrade scam” is true or not, we will first look into whether the broker has a valid license in order to conduct activity. This would guarantee that your funds are held in a safe and industry-standard manner. So when checking it out in the site, you will notice that the MaxiTrade broker is regulated under the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) with a proof of Certificate of Compliance 0395 AA V0128.

This would of course, would be a direct contradiction from MaxiTrade customer reviewers as the site is fully regulated. When it comes to reading MaxiTrade customer reviews claiming that this the “MaxiTrade fraud”, “MaxiTrade cheat”, or, strangely enough, “MaxiTrade lie”, they seem to forget that there are no real backings to any of these claims.

What are other Traders saying about MaxiTrade?

In between most of the Maxitrade review sites, there are a lot pf positive comments and reviews to be said about the MaxiTrade broker. We will look into these comments as these too are important to the point that the MaxiTrade broker is not a scam, but a legitimate and good broker.


When considering any broker for that matter, it is important to remember the risks involved and what the community has to say about that particular broker. And with what the community has to say about this broker, we have to stave most of the negative comments are misinformed and, at times, have no real bearing to it. Bottom-line, if you do have the time and the capital, do give Maxitrade a try.

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A few words about Maxi Trade: how many years we have already cooperated, I don’t even know. 5-6 approximately. When I came to the company, they didn’t even have any advertising. My friend brought me to the company, with the wishes of my speedy getting rich. The first time, of course, nothing came of it, and the trade did not go well. And nevertheless … and this came over time, with the improvement of my trading opportunities and the help, of course, the specialists in the office. Now I can’t imagine life without earnings. After all, it has become a habit to follow the market, to trade and earn. Maxi Trade is reliable. I checked it on myself.


Everything works in this company and does not cause any questions, which is not addressed. By the way, I am the 5th year here, I trade and do not appear, I do not rush around in search of the best, I am set up only for profitable trade and I don’t want much more. My best prize is a profitable month and a quick withdrawal of profit. The nice thing is that this is not a scam broker. I did not not revealed disadvantages.


I tried to trade independently for almost three years with different brokers and with varying success. And so, I decided for myself that if because of the main work I can not devote enough time to analyzing the market and trading, then it is necessary to look for the possibility of passive investment. And I found. I tried to invest and found Maxi Trade. I spent some time on the selection of masters, I carefully checked everything myself, but as a result I have been receiving a steady income for a year, which is several times higher than the income on bank deposits. Moreover, knowing the real picture of banks and their “deposits”, it is better to collect money and go to the real market yourself. I recommend everyone to this service for investment and the company Maxi Trade perfectly copes with its task of quality service.


Hello to everyone! I want to share a fresh experience of choosing a broker. Perhaps the stock sharks are not so interesting. But the same newcomers, like me, can be useful. I am writing because not so long ago I visited forums and checked reviews on different brokers in order to understand who to go to, and to whom – in no case. Honestly, when you read reviews in detail, it seems that there are no normal brokers at all. But I, as a marketer, understand that this is a one-sided impression. Just because of the fact that people tend to write when they are something outraged. And if you are satisfied with the service, then why write about it, right? Everything is clear! But I decided to correct this injustice a little. In general, it was like that. After reading the reviews and completely confused, I decided to choose several of the largest companies and open test accounts with them. I opened with three ones, incl. and in Maxi Trade. As a result, somewhere in half a year, I stayed only with Maxi Trade, the rest I closed as unnecessary. The approach with test accounts justified itself. With the help of “safe mode” I was able to learn the pros and cons, convenience, inconvenience. Maxi Trade got me as a client thanks to several options. The first one is reliable software. Only in the past period did he have any, even minor failures. The second is the tariffs and efficiency of deposit and withdrawal of funds. And more importantly – fast support 24/7. Additional bonuses – personal adviser. And also constantly fresh investment ideas and if you don’t always follow them, then you read and learn to think like a pro.


I’m glad to find Maxi Trade. This is really a reliable and simple broker who helped me to understand all the intricacies of the markets. I will tell in order. For a long time I was looking for a reliable platform. Even twice I was the victim of a scam for a two month! I was so disappointed in cryptocurrency trading that I decided: this is not for me. And so, I noticed: my colleague has been successfully investing money in cryptocurrency for the second year … two years and no scammers, how ?! And he advised me to try Maxi Trade. I read the reviews and was horrified: “Maxi Trade is lying, they are scammers and cheaters. ” And I say this to my friend: Oh, seriously? But then by reading the reviews on other companies I noticed … that they described badly everywhere. Maybe people are on their own, or maybe we all just want to get our winnings faster. And so, after consulting with a colleague, I finally decided. The first time was not familiar much. I did not know much, I was confused in terms. My friends helped me and I read a lot of educational information. As for Maxi Trade, I found many useful things there. When I figured out the strategies, I started trading a little. So, just for the year I have mastered all possible strategies. For all questions, I turned to tech support. And you know what? There was no such thing that they let me down or they didn’t turn me away. I have never had any problems with money. I also discovered the webinars from Maxi Trade. There I understood everything so clearly that later on I felt confident in the currency market. Maybe I’m not a guru yet. But with Maxi Trade, I have succeeded in trading and can afford much more. And now I ask platform haters: guys, what’s wrong with you? Tell me, will the messenger conduct seminars and webinars for listeners? Do the cheaters explain the secrets of the market? They help beginners to learn the basics of trade? Do they have round-the-clock support? I will give you the answer: no. Scammers do not care about those who gave them money. If a client lost them – who cares, right? But here you will be helped to understand all your problems. So, I realized one thing. The problem of failure of the trader lies in the trader. I mean, you are losing money because you simply do not want to understand the situation. Learn strategies, ask experienced people, read in the end. And yes, think about where you are investing.


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