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Bet On Markets

Company Fixed Odds Capital (Malta) Ltd specializes on online games and on exchange quotations has opened site Bet On Markets for amateurs do bets and to play on real money.

  • High payouts and limited risks — the unique advantage of fixed-odds trading.
  • Win from all market movements — earn money in both quiet and fast markets.
  • Instant payouts — via credit card, bank wire, e-cash or ATM card.
  • Fast executions — average 3 seconds.
  • $START

    Fixed-odds financial Bet On Markets is an innovative concept whereby you can speculate on the movement of the financial markets safe in the knowledge that your losses are limited to your premium, i.e. the price you pay for the bet. This service offers you the ability to customize your own Bet On Markets terms by entering expiry dates and barrier levels into the Web site, which will then calculate the payouts of your bets in real-time.

    Fixed Odds differ from trade on Forex . First, on Bet On Markets you may carry out rates not only on Forex , but also on shares and indexes. Second, you do not buy currency or shares, and do rates on change of their values during certain time. Thus, trade on a site is similar to rates on horse jumps, only here you do rates on jumps of the markets.

    The Bet On Markets site features fixed odds financial bets; i.e. financial bets that pay a fixed amount (or nothing) on expiry. In other words, when you buy a fixed-odds bet from Bet On Markets , you are entitled to receive a payout, which is a fixed multiple of the amount you have staked. With the betonmarkets dealing system a trader expresses a view and makes a prediction. If the prediction comes true, the trader will profit by a predetermined amount. Before any bet is placed, the trader knows the entire possible downside as well as the exact possible profit.

    However you are also given the possibility to sell your bet before the final settlement date to mitigate your losses or take your profits out early. This means that your risk level is clearly defined at all times.


    Broker Name: BetonMarkets
    Platform: BetonMarkets
    Founded: 2000
    Bonus: 10%
    Return/Refund: 50-95%/0%
    No. Of Assets: 58
    Demo Account: No
    Minimum Deposit: 5
    US Traders: Not Accepted

    BetonMarkets Review

    ### Notice – BetonMarkets is now Check out the Full Review here. ###

    Editor’s Note – Why does BetonMarkets Suck in 50 words?

    First of all, BetonMarkets is a betting company (Bookmaker), not a Binary Options broker. (former activates in the field of BINARY OPTIONS, and I consider that “betting” on financial markets SUCKS. It stands against everything we try to teach on our website and on our Forum. Betting is not Trading and should not be considered as such just because it has similarities.

    Why Bet on Markets doesn’t Suck?

    They offer you the possibility of limiting your bets, meaning that you can set limits for yourself regarding the time you spend on their site, amount you bet or the number of trades…sorry, bets that you take. Also there are links to websites that can help an addict with his gambling problem. It seems like they care about their clients’ well-being and don’t want them to become gambling addicts. It has nothing to do with Binary Options (or at least I hope you don’t see Binaries as gambling) but setting those limits can help a gambler…I think.

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      № 1 в рейтинге! Гарантия честности, высокий доход! Хороший выбор для начинающих. Бонус за регистрацию счета!


      Разнообразные торговые инструменты для опытных трейдеров!

    BetonMarkets – (Not) The Future of Binary Options

    I consider that in order for this industry to grow, brokers and traders should move as far away as possible from any resemblance to gambling. Indeed trading is very close to gambling for an unaware person and the big mistake of wrongly mixing trading and gambling is easily made. BetonMarkets openly declare they are a gambling company, even regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. They conduct their business in a transparent manner, under the supervision of a gambling regulatory body so everything seems legit from a gambling point of view. Now let’s see how they look from a Binary Options perspective: first of all, I like the transparency and the fact that I know right from the start who I am dealing with. The company that owns is Regent Markets (IOM) Ltd, located in Isle of Man and part of the bigger Regent Markets Group. The platform is a new one to me but it looks a lot like a Binary Options platform, with all the types of available options grouped in its upper side and in the middle the rest of its features can be selected: underlying asset, amount to bet, expiry time. The thrill seekers will be happy to know that BetonMarkets offers the fastest expiry time I have ever seen or heard of: 30 seconds expiries…now that’s fast. If you’re looking for a quick bet, that could be a wonderful and exciting tool; if you’re looking for a trade…, you might want a longer expiry time.

    BetonMarkets also offers a free “Guide to Financial Betting” and free Webinars but you will find no Glossary on their website because there aren’t any financial terms to explain. After all, we are betting on markets, not trading them. However, a good addition is the charts they provide with the possibility to change time frames and add technical indicators. I wonder, if a betting company can provide normal charts, not just lines, why don’t all regular Binary brokers offer this feature as a standard?

    Is BetonMarkets a Scam?

    They are a regulated betting company; they don’t hide the name of the owning company and overall provide all the information needed with transparency and honesty. These are all positive things but do not exclude a scam. We did not make a withdrawal to see if any problems arise but for the time being, our research doesn’t indicate that BetonMarkets is a scam.

    BetonMarkets Complaints

    We are constantly on a lookout for any type of internet complaints and we noticed that opinions about BetonMarkets are mixed. Some people claim they have been trading a long time with BetonMarkets and everything is great but others complain about price manipulation, especially when you are on a winning streak. On a guy claims that he won a 400 pound trade but on his statement it appeared as a loss. We have no way of verifying this claim but if it’s true, things aren’t looking so good for BetonMarkets.

    BetonMarkets Bonus

    Unfortunately BetonMarkets doesn’t offer a bonus similar to the one we are used to from Binary brokers. The Live Chat assistant told me that I might get 10 bucks bonus if I contact customer support on email and ask for it but didn’t answer other questions related to bonus. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to start sending e-mails and beg for a measly 10 bucks. If BetonMarkets wants to offer bonuses to clients, they should make it public. This is not the way a bonus should be offered: Boy, go beg for 10 bucks and maybe you’ll get it…

    BetonMarkets Withdrawal

    They have numerous withdrawal methods and usually the minimum amount is the same as the minimum deposit which by the way, can be as low as $5. The fee for a wire transfer is $15 and zero if you chose to withdraw via E-wallet (Skrill, WebMoney, UKash, Liberty Reserve) or Credit/Debit card. The time for processing a withdraw ranges from 1 to 5 working days.

    BetonMarkets Extras

    The 30 second expiry time is definitely the shortest available in the industry and although I can’t find any use for it, probably some people like the thrill it can give.

    BetonMarkets Ratings

    User Friendly 10/20

    The website’s only available language is English so it will be pretty hard to bet on this website for clients who don’t speak English.

    Number of assets and expiry times 14/20

    The range of assets offered is quite large and the user can chose from 24 Currency pairs, 27 Indices, 3 Commodities and 4 Random Indices. Expiry times are extremely flexible and range from 30 seconds to 365 days. Maybe the expiry times can be even longer but to be honest I didn’t try longer expiry times because I don’t think anybody will use them.

    Commissions, Support and Effective return 13/20

    There is no commission to open an account but you have to pay a $15 fee if you want to withdraw via wire transfer. Their support is not very helpful and the effective return depends a lot on the type of bet that you choose, but it is possible to have returns above 90%.

    Deposit, Payment and Bonus 10/20

    Deposits can be made via credit/debit card, wire transfer or E-wallets and the minimum amount is 5 US Dollars. Withdrawals are processed in a maximum of 5 working days which is a fair duration if they actually respect it. The bonus amount and conditions will be explained if you specifically ask for them when you deposit but the Live Chat representative told me that I might get a $10 bonus and refused to discuss further about the bonus.

    Website Extras 16/20

    BetonMarkets have a good charting package, 30 seconds expiry times and free webinars. I’d say these features can all be considered positive Extras.

    Betonmarkets стратегии

    Online Betting computes bet prices using complex mathematical algorithms, based on option pricing technology. Furthermore, prices are weighted according to demand, bets currently in high demand will be priced at a premium to bets in low demand. All contracts are priced using the prevailing real-time market quotes and a commission is charged on each bet.

    Bet sensibly and familiarize yourself with the risks of fixed odds financial betting. The maximum loss is always limited to the premium (i.e. stake) but losses are still possible. Always remember only to play with money THAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE .

    Online Betting offers a wide spectrum of bets, among which :

    After purchase of the contract, the cost of the rate shown in yours portfolio, is cost on which the rate may be sold back to a site, even before expiry of the term of the rate. This cost may be more or less, than the price on which you have bought it, it depends on a condition of the market by the current moment, quantities of the given rates in system, a completion date of the rate etc.

    The forex markets are open practically 24 hours a day, excluding weekends. You may buy and sell forex bets at Online Betting at any time (excluding weekends), as long as there has been a recent tick in the underlying forex market. You can speculate on stocks and indices only during market opening hours.

    Click / START NOW! / for opening the new account at Bet On Markets .

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